Locum Tenens

What is meant by the term Locum or a Locum Tenens Assignment?

Locum tenens is a Latin phrase that means “to hold the place of “. Simply, a temporary physician or nurse taking the place of another like professional during their absence.

What you get paid for Locum Tenens Work

The pay for Locum Tenens work varies depending on specialty and region of the country. Medpowerstaffing insures a very competitive salary. The cost for travel and lodging is provided for the assignment as well as Daily professional liability insurance coverage. Locum Tenens professionals operate as independent contractors. Check with your tax advisor to understand how to make the most of your independent contractor status.

Why would I consider Locum Tenens practice as a professional path?

There are 3 compelling reasons for a Physicians or Advanced Practice Nurses to consider Locum Tenen:

First: Locum Tenens gives you the option of experiencing different medical practices, through observing healthcare delivery practices of newly acquainted colleagues. Such exposure allows you to learn new procedures and potentially experience more variation of cases than if you stayed in one practice setting. With Locum Tenens you can test-drive different types of practices, even the practice you think you want to join, before committing to a long-term contract.

Second: Locum Tenens positions give you the opportunity to travel. These positions open up anywhere in the country throughout the year. Locum Tenens jobs are filled by Physicians and Advanced Practice Nurses of all ages, who enjoy a mobile lifestyle. Locum Tenens opportunities can provide a needed break and refreshing adventure.

Third: Locum Tenens positions give you financial freedom. A Locum Tenens Physician or Advanced Practice Nurses can do very well financially. In most cases the majority of your expenses (transportation, lodging, insurance) are taken care of. Also, many like the idea of not having the obligations of maintaining a private practice. Some Physician or Advanced Practice Nurses do Locums to supplement their income, while a growing number are choosing Locum Tenens as a vocational path.

What if I have more questions regarding Locum Tenens Practice?

Just give us a call. Let us help you develop a Locum Tenens strategy that can open up the opportunities of your dreams, free of cost.

More and more professionals are seriously considering Locum Tenens on a trial or long-term basis. There are a lot of exciting possibilities we would like to share and discuss with you.

Please email us at: samakram@medpowerstaffing.com for more information.